Crash Kapow Sproing! Kablam !

This will come as a surprise to no one, but...

Remember when I had said everyone was trained and now the next step is getting them out in the field?

Not only am I starting to teach a whole new group, tomorrow morning but...

I received a call this evening in the manner of an "emergency".

It turns that our LCO (local census office) had called a LARGE number of people, telling them to report for training to various locations.
But of course they were not only NOT assigned to a district, they were NOT given ID numbers AND allowed to finish training.
Their D-308s (payroll forms) were not collected as per instructions and NOW all of a sudden field supervisors have to correct all this.

Even though none of these people are in our district.
And the instructions were NOT to collect the forms.
Now "it's an emergency" these forms must be collected today!

Now this is after 5PM on a saturday night. Most of the crew leaders are approaching their overtime limit and don't even know any of these people.
And how many of these people are going to be home? This is New York.
And the LCO will NOT pay anymore than already budgeted.

So, let me see if I get this.
Management screwed up and the lower level supervisors are supposed to fix it without being paid?

They don't know me very well do they?

This employment is what is referred to as "time limited employment".
After 8 weeks your appointment expires and if needed you can be extended.
This is just so no one accrues time for Federal Benefits.


There is no chance of it turning into a real job or lasting longer than the Census takes.
(And after what I've seen I wouldn't take it if offered)
And management expects us to GIVE them time?

Silly dears. Not bloody likely.

I gave enough time to get my 45 hours and not one minute more.

What's the old adage? You get more with honey than vinegar?

Well, you definitely get more by asking nicely, politely, with gratitude, than with threats.

Frankly, fire my ass.
I'll go back on unemployment and show up at your door step protesting in full costume, signage and the press.

If you don't know me, believe me I'd do it.
I have.

I'm starting to feel like Rep Bachmann from Minnesota about the Census.
But of course my reasons are based on personal experience. Not flights of fantasy and distortions of history.

It's just an example, on a scale I've never experienced before, of "Do what I say, not what I do".
And much like the managers of the mines in WV they expect you to get everything done irregardless of proper procedure regarding payroll/hours or pretty much anything else.
But of course they can use those procedures to call you out when it suits them.

Sounds like a cross between Don Blankenship, Dick Cheney and Senator Boehner.
"I live in a fantasy world. What I say is true irregardless of the facts".

Luckily in our case no one can be injured.

Well, I'm having a martini. Planning tomorrow class and wondering...

Will I have a job for a fourth week?
Do I want this job for a fourth week?
Don't get me wrong, I am VERY GLAD to be working.
I think I'm pretty good at what I do.
But I don't tolerate rude disrespectful behavior from anyone.
I don't take bullying either.
Treat me as an adult and we'll get along.

Oh well, we'll see what we shall see.
I guess I shouldn't be surprised by anything from this organization anymore.

Barkeep! Set up another round!


Anonymous said...

Oh Richard, I discovered during my week of training that no amount of extra income would be worth the BS that crew leaders have to deal with. AND...crew leader assistants are finding out that they are going to be "sh@t" upon for no extra bucks. Whew! Good luck to you dear man. You have my sympathies.
My big issue this week is getting my "minimum" hours in before I leave town for Houston for 5 days. Maybe I will...maybe I won't. Hopefully I will have a job when I come back.


The only benefit I get is the hours. Until this thing kicks in I can't get any hours for my Census takers. I'm still training and starting, hopefully to give my Enumerators their AA binders so they can make some money.