Will they finally pay us off?

Counting down to the next day...
A day of anticipation...
A day of calculation....
A day, so far, of frustration.

The big question is,
Will 'Those who shall not be named'
Finally pay us, on time, in full,
No mistakes?

Who knows.

They certainly don't seem to.

With daily changes in the rules,
A seemingly eternal struggle for control.

The integral part of just 'Getting It Done'
Seems to be the unwanted step child
in this dysfunctional ... group.

With almost daily work rule's changes,
and making them retroactive,
Those on high continue to undermine
any vestiges of competence that linger in their midst.

From below it appears like clouds,
In a strong wind.
Blowing into each other
Taking bits and pieces and forming new shapes.
Only to have those collapse to be replaced
By another, made up of vapors and mist.

Nothing is solid
Nothing is secure
What we were taught is tossed in the can
Procedure is myth
Correct is whim

If I ran a business, in this manner,
It would be bankrupt in a month
But the clients would have walked in a week.

'Good Enough For Government Work'?
Is this what it means?
I'm now truly amazed that ANYTHING gets done...

Barkeep, bloody mary please...

Eat, Drink and be...
the best that you can be


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