I guess 'those who shall not be named' are feeling pressure?

While 'change' has been a constant companion, now change and threats are the mode of operation.

This week, old policies have been reinstated.
Which isn't too bad, since the enumerators already knew the procedure.

But now they want to give "New Policy" say at 5:00 pm
And then expect reports, schedules etc by 8:30 that night?
Really? Not likely.

You want to know who is working this weekend?
First, it's a HOLIDAY weekend.
Second, you had always told us NOT TO MAKE SCHEDULES.
Something to do about 'Night Differential'.

These unreasonable expectations truly reveal more about
those in charge than they realize.

Now we wake up to 10 emails
One which basically says ,
"If I don't have this by the morning (now) something bad will happen".

I'll get hired full time and have to spend the rest of my life
dealing with incompetence on a level never seen before?

Will I have to tell my enumerators that there is another change?

Will you lay me off....

Again, while I AM GRATEFUL for the income
the incompetence and threats have long since
eroded away any measure of satisfaction.

Having never worked for 'the government' before
I had never experienced an organization
That constantly and institutionally shoves blame and responsibility downwards.

'A Few Bad Apples?'
Try looking at the orchard owner.

At this point, I don't really care anymore.
I will take the money as long as I can
Try to motivate and guide my enumerators
to the best of my ability and turn in our work when finished.

But I think it's time to quit reading email from those above.
It just shows they don't know what they're doing.
When management starts making vague threats
You know the proverbial excrement is about to hit the fan.

So, my appointment expires in 11 days.
Eleven LONG days.

And while there really isn't work out there, ending this would be like having a tooth pulled.
Frightening, painful, but in the long run much better for your health.

There has GOT to be a play or maybe off broadway musical in this charade somewhere.
Maybe a farce?

Oh well, it's only 6:00 am and I'm already to tired to care.

Bloody Mary Time.

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Anonymous said...

I am glad/mad/sad to see that I'm not the only Crew Leader (or census employee) in the same boat. Yes, threats & constant changes (always for the worse and always to hinder our progress) are the norm. And yes, I also no longer care about anything except that direct deposit & the welfare of my hardworking crew. Hang in there!