I just finished with my last trainee and gave the info to my CrewLeaderAssistants.

I still can't believe they have me as a "CREW LEADER".

I mean, really. ME? Kind of like MEN IN TIGHTS but in New York...

Hopefully we'll receive info soon about our next step.

NOT about doing the Census. I just spent a week training them on that!

But on WHEN

I wonder how many conflicting calls, emails, info blasts we'll all get?

Will one person be giving out that pertinent info or, will our LCO (local census office) have a variety of people call from lists (all outdated) to pass along information (that inevitably is incorrect) to we low level few, the poor, the gifted, the clueless about where our AA binders (for you non-government speak this refers to the area being interviewed on Census Questionnaires) are and when to assign them and when to begin.

Wanna start a betting pool about this one?
I'll choose - "none of the above"

Oh well, confusion leads to $$
And as I've said before, I'M A HO I AM.

So while the training aspect of this joyous journey through Census Land has passed. I look forward to the endeavors of the next part of our journey.

The Valley of DOOOR MEN

The Mountains of Refuses

And of course my favorite...

The Plains of Confusion.

Let's hope we all have a merry band that will do their best, realize they have no power. And other than the pay, their safety is the most important aspect of this glorious journey we've all embarked upon.

May the wind be at your back
May your shoes not crack
The ho's and addicts ignore you
and all respondents adore you.

Fair journeys to us all.

Where's my margarita?

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