Well it appears that the Great Payroll issue has been resolved.

It appears that everyone has been paid, caught up, past dues accrued and all is hunky dorry.

Now, we only have to deal with the daily changes in procedure.
...Been there done that.

They added layers of paper work.
Now they want us to do 'field reports' every other day showing our meetings with the Enumerators,
Or to let them put in their own words...

By field reports, I mean everything you do. So send me a summary of what happened for __(insert date)___.

They do not have to be super detailed. Just tell me the buildings your enumerators visited. Number of cases completed. Buildings you are trying to gain access to. Whatever thing census-related you did that you think I should know.

Do so for each day you will work from now on. Send me them either daily or 4 times a week. I should get these reports before I sign your 308 for that corresponding day.

Funny, I had sent in Info-Comms, D-225 for this.
Now they want it on another format so they can ignore it in duplicate.
What happened to the 5 page report I gave you on Thursday?
How about the report I sent in last night?

What happened to all the Info-Coms I gave you?
The emails I sent in? Still waiting for answers to..

"Is anybody there?
Does Anybody care?"

So while things sputter along,
and change is our constant companion

We'll continue to kill trees
In order to fulfill the government obsession with REPORTS
That no one seems to read, digest or act upon.
But It Protects Someone's Job, I Betcha!!

Oh well, two more weeks till my Appointment expires!
I'll keep checking to see if my pay hits each wednesday
and let the rest of the world go by.

Thankfully, I have rehearsals to keep me grounded in real life.
Stage is much more common sense oriented than working for the Government.
The senseless Census takes a good thing and makes it mad.
The Census takes a straight forward process and turns it into
a convoluted mess that makes no sense, progress or useful data.

Oh well, if I knew all the answers,
I wouldn't be an unemployed actor!

Keep the faith all.


Anonymous said...

OK, I faithfully answered my census. All the questions.

Then, a census worker (nice old snoopy lady) comes by, rings my doorbell and asks why the people living in my garage haven't answered their census.

My garage is a carraige house (with nice curtains from the outside). Somehow, I thing this caused somebody to think people actually live there.

Well they don't, unless you count racoons and mice.

I tell her no one lives there.

Anyway, 6 weeks later, I notice some creepy old guy in my back yard (i have a big house so my back yard is really a hike in from the street).

My daughter ans son freak out. Then the guy comes up and doesn't knock, but pounds on my back door.

I answer and ask what is going on??
He says he needs to get the people in my garage to answer their census questions... I asked why didn't you just ring my doorbell.

...No answer...

Really aggressive, pushy, and obnoxious...

This is getting bad and really annoying...

What do I do? I have nothing to hide, but this is getting scary.


First of all, No One From The Census is supposed to just wander into your back yard.
Second if they do and don't identify themselves, call the cops.
Why do you make this "scary"? It's not. It might be stupid behavior, but scary?
Grow up.
The Census has been going on since 1790.

THAT'S 1790.

It's not some new government conspiracy. The information is kept secret BY LAW FOR 72 YEARS.
No other branch, organization, service or entity has access to this information?
SCARY? Really?
You want to know what's bad and annoying? Representatives who lie and say you'll be put in camps from the Census info.
Elected officials knowingly telling lies.
A government that is only run for corporations, That's what's scary.

The Census... just something that happens every 10 years for over 200 years.
Grow up.

Anonymous said...

Pay issues are not resolved. Today's paycheck was less than half of what it should have been.
- disgruntled enumerator

Anonymous said...

Hi thank you for writing this blog! I found it from a post at MyTwoCensus. Thank you all of you who are speaking out and telling the truth about this outrageous mess! It helps to know we're not alone in this crazy job.

anonymous in Arkansas

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

May 26 -- payday -- still have over $800 in pay MIA...

pika23 said...

Got my check 2 days late... Now I need to wait til my husband gets home so i can pick up my pain meds from my gall bladder removal next week.