Much easier day.
At least it ended that way. lol

I was up early, and not necessarily for Census, I just am.

Had been told yesterday I was training another group this morning down on Seventh Avenue.

So, I got up, got ready.
Had my coffee and prepared to start training.

I arrived as usual a half hour early, as per SOP.
And was a bit surprised to see a trainee already there.
Turns out he was told to show up at 8:30!

A courier from the LCO (local census office) was also at the training site,
So we waited, and waited and waited...

Finally I decided I should try to find Someone who knew what was going on.

The courier told me to call a Specific person at the LCO.
So, I did.
I explained the situation and asked if she knew what was going on.

Evidently the training for the site I was at had been canceled.
So, I asked "What should I do?"
She said she'd call me back.

We waited, and waited.
So I decided, I'll call her back.
She said all of us should go to Another training site,
where I could drop off my trainee and see if they needed me.

Well, they didn't need me so I left.
Got to go to a meeting with My supervisor and fellow CLs (crew leaders) and get some AA Binders assigned.
Actually doing what I was trained to do.
Felt good.
Of course Sara received more binders than any of us. (got ya' Sara)

But I had been on the clock for 2 hours at that point so didn't feel too bad.
Went home, did a little administrative work.

Took a nap.

Got up, did a little more work and called some of my crew to schedule meetings.

Then took another break and ate.

Had a meeting with two of my crew and then finished for the day.

THIS is what it should be like.
Evenly paced.
Time for a nap in the middle of the day.

Now that's living.

So now I'm having my Belvedere, straight up in my frozen martini glass.

Looking out my wrap around windows on the 17th floor and feeling mellow.

Yes, sometimes things get better.
But I'm not fooled.
I won't expect this to be an everyday occurrence.
But I will certainly enjoy it when it happens.

May pleasant surprises greet you when needed.
The unpleasant occur when able to deal.
Good friends abound and funds aplenty.
And booze enough to float a barge.

Pleasant days and nights to you all.

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