The Binders Are Coming!

The Binders Are Coming!

Actually, they're here.
In Census speak, "binder" is an AA Binder (Assignment Area Binder)

When you are an Enumerator it means WORK!!
So I was quite happy to notify my crew that I had a binder for each of them.

Now, who knows how long this elation will last.
This may be the only binders we get.
And we would be out of luck and work.

But I don't think so.
This is New York and how many people do You think DIDN'T fill out their questionnaires?

Finally, to be doing what my job title entails, Crew LEADER.
Think of it as a pit boss of market research who works from home.

To be able to start your day with fresh ground coffee you make yourself.
Have some breakfast.
Then Juice, and I don't mean orange.

Then I do my morning ablutions and start the day.
It's so fun, nice, convenient to work from home.

Most of my Enumerators use email so instructions only need be sent out once.
For our daily meets, we live within a 3 block radius of each other
So we meet at my apartment building, or a coffee shop.
Convenience is such a pleasant word.

I was worried for a bit.
I only had 3 binders at first and 8 enumerators.
Who should I assign them to?

Should I help those who are unemployed and most in need?
Or should I assign to those with the most ability who will make my job easier?

A Quandry.
And not one I'm familiar with or wanted to handle.
Compassion or efficiency. Which would win out?

But luckily it has been resolved in the best of ways.
All will work.
Which means so will I.

So this evening is a good one.
The day was without turmoil and has ended on an up note.

I look forward to getting started
And hope for a long run.

Take your time to answer, dear readers.
Tell them to come back some other time.
Make appointments and miss them.

We'll keep coming till the end.

Au revoir mes amis.
boisson jusqu'à vous vous sentez joli

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