Well, I made it home without having a single alcoholic beverage.

While my feet are a bit tired. I'm not quite in the haze I was yesterday.
Today Was a lot to hash out. We started training our little "trainees" on How To Take The Census!

ta dummmmm

As usual I stood up front and did my schtick.... I mean read the manual verbatim.
Hmmmmmmm ..... well, I did as well as can be expected.

There was a LOT to cover and the poor little lambs seem to get more and more glazed as the day wore on.

We did have few who seemed to obsess over one little issue. And go on and on and on and on and on and on and on and on ...( you get the picture) about it.

Even if we moved to another subject they always brought it back to what they were worried about/didn't understand.

At that point I DID WANT A DRINK, I even asked one of my fellow Crew Leaders if he brought a flask. Which got a laugh. Some of the trainees were annoyed at the pointlessness of going over the same thing so many times.

It's kind of fun observing my trainees and seeing which ones are going to need hand holding and which are going to be just fine.

Also seeing who I want to use as my Crew Leader Assistant

OOOOOOHHH Doesn't that sound exciting and fun?

I have one who wants to be and one I think might be better at it. I wonder if I'm even going to get one?!

Oh well, tomorrow should be fun. I start the morning with training. Then when my little angels get kicked out of the nest I won't be there!
I have to go and train DAY 2 MORNING (second time) at a Night Class!!

I guess this will be as close as I ever get to miss seeing my child take its first step.

I'll live.

Till next time Live, Dream, Drink and Drive.

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