The first day, what can I say?
Wait, let me have a pitcher or margaritas first.....

Ok, now I can continue.
Whew, doing paper work for the federal government can be soooo frustrating.

The paper work is LONG and everyone thinks they know what to do next. Even if you tell them not to get ahead they do, and then it's wrong. Because?

There is the right way, the wrong way and THE CENSUS WAY.

Then we fingerprinted.
I thought elementary kids with finger painting could be rough. They ain't got nothing on a roomful of... mostly middle aged people. (I can say that because I am one)

But we got through it and do it once again tomorrow for a whole new group of Enumerator Trainees.
I think a hip flask is going to be part of the ensemble tomorrow. And around lunch time I'm going to point to a corner in the back of the room and scream, "Oh My God, it's Michael Jackson!"
Then turn and take a sip of some smooth brandy. AHHHHHH

Well, income is income and that's what I need.

Till the next installment of the the Lonely Census worker! HiO Silver AWAY!!1

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