Second Day of "First Day"

Well, we did it again only better.

The Wonderful World Of Census led us yesterday into indoctrinating another group of Census Taker Trainees. Instead of getting all of them together at one time our fearless leaders decided to break it up into numerous smaller groups all over and at various times.

So the people who train them, including this poster, get to repeat themselves endlessly, confusedly and everywhere.

I gotta say my second day of "First Day Training" did go much smoother. But I don't expect that to be a pattern. And who knows I might get to do a third day of "First Day Training".

But as of now I'm getting ready to do a day of Second Day Training to a group consisting of 4 Crew Leader Districts and might even be teaching some evening classes.

Since the First Day was all about paper work, getting everyone fingerprinted and into the "System" it was pretty boring.

I'm looking forward too(?) actually training them on how to do what they're going to be doing. Since the class after Second Day (today), Third Day, actually includes some field work, getting out and asking questions.

Then they "should" have one more day of class work to review and be out in the field doing Census Taking.
Wow, if this is any example of how things get done for the government I think it's time to move to a Very Small Island and start my own. But for now, confusion leads to more hours and I'll take every $$$ I can get.

Till later fellow sufferers/travelers and those who just wonder what the heck I'm babbling about.

The no longer lonely but hopefully paid Crew Leader.

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